Adegoke Seunfunmi

Back-end Developer

About Me

Languages: Python, SQL, JavaScript

Frameworks: Django

Chatbots: DialogFlow, Watson API

Tools: Git, Netlify, Bash

Editor Journey: Sublime,VS Code, Python Anywhere, Replit


Personal Blog | Work in Progress(WIP)

A blog where I plan to document my learning and also publish my technical articles

Language: Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Github Repo


A Weather-App that makes use of the OpenWeatherMap API to give updates on the weather conditions of major cities around the globe.

Language: Python & Tknter package

Github Repo

Pizza Bot

A pizza ordering chatbot that takes orders of customers and sends it to the kitchen for preparation. This is a great idea that is very useful due to the COVID-19 no contact policy.

Language: Dialogflow API, GCP

Github Repo Live Demo

Sakai Learning Management System Contribution Counter

A python application that computes contributions of developers in the Sakai learning management system before the popularity of Github. I built this project by computing contributions for the mailing contribution list.

Language: Python, SQL

Github Repo

Akobo, Ibadan, Nigeria








English: Fluent